DIY Garage Door Spring Repair

In this article I wanted to share with you the process of DIY garage door spring repair. This is not as easy as you think it would be and we would encourage you to hire us to do the work. After all we can repair a broken spring for just $95. If you are on a budget, and need to do it yourself, watch the video below.

The main point here is, DO NOT DIY it is dangerous!!  You dont have to watch all 3 videos to figure that out.  You are going to need a lot of tools, knowledge and equipment that just isn’t worth the risk,

Garage Door Spring Repair Video Series… Watch all 3 videos to find out why you need a professional.


Garage Spring Replacement – Please do not DIY!

Torsion spring replacement is a hazardous task. There is a very high tension in those wound up springs. Trying to adjust them or remove them without the proper training could result in injury. Some special tools are also required to properly complete the job. It is not advised to replace garage door springs without proper skills. Even experienced technicians will get hurt from time to time. Call a professional who knows what they are doing and can complete the job safely.

Prompt & Affordable Service – ASAP!

We are aware that a broken spring is a matter that cannot be delayed! Offering quick, courteous service, we can be at your doorstep promptly to repair broken garage door springs. (Each service includes high cycle springs, trip charge, adjustments, labor and a door tune-up).

Our affordable rates and extended warranties are two of the reasons why we’ve maintained such a great reputation among our clients.


Photo credit: Flavio~ / Foter / CC BY

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